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I am a self taught fine artist living and experimenting in Los Angeles, California.

I am currently inspired by Emmanuel Kant's exploration of the tension between freedom (ethical free will) and determinism (laws of nature). Absolute freedom cannot be expressed in anything other than an aesthetic experience. Even as we hold beauty before us, it appears within the laws of nature and at once transcends them. We hold space in our lives for beauty because it is necessary, not because it is convenient. For this reason, I believe in beauty as a symbol of morality and aesthetics as an indication of truth.

I believe art can occupy the fractures in our earthly experiences and usher us into healing. If there is a voice to my work, I want it to invite you to participate in the active work of hope.

Thank you for supporting this inquiry by letting your curiosity bring you here. I would love to hear from you about the ways in which beauty informs your truth and keeps your hope alive.


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